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A Helmstar Success Story - Sales Transformation in Large Construction company

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Technology cannot be successfully implemented without aligning it with people and processes. NEJAVI works closely with Helmstar to achieve this.

Working with global clients over the last 25 years – Helmstar bring together your people, data, and systems into one place for a digitally-connected business and have even worked with Change Management guru John Kotter to refine their approach.

Change starts from the business leaders at all levels – Helmstar engages to align their goals and visions before underpinning change leadership methodologies with quantitative and qualitative data points to show that change is actually happening.

'Helmstar are really excited to be working with NEJAVI, we see with our focus on business transformation and NEJAVI's focus on the Internet of things (IoT) this partnership will bring a high level of end customer benefits' - Jon Ryley, CEO Helmstar

'The NEJAVI team are focused on strategies that help drive growth for our customers and are pleased to be working with Helmstar. This relationship further strengthens the NEJAVI offering'

- Neil O'Sullivan, CDO NEJAVI

A Helmstar Success Story – Sales Transformation in a Large Construction company

The problem

It became clear very early on that our client didn’t have any rigour or consistent discipline in opportunity qualification, customer interaction or sales operating model. This was compounded by the fact that we had a culture of bidding everything without qualification, which led to a very high cost of sales and a low win rate.

The bid culture had led to a significant number of bad jobs and helped cause a number of profit warnings and therefore lack of confidence with the city and investment community.

What we did

Helmstar established work streams to address every area of the sales operation. These teams had the remit to create one operating model that was consistent across our client. This was enabled by implementing and establishing group wide sales reporting via CRM and our Business Intelligence system. So, we could react and make decisions on live data points and drive behavioural change in the teams.

The impact

The new operating model and Cultural Transformation had a dramatic effect on the business, by the UK win rate almost doubling (43.62%) and a 30% increase into our client’s sales margin.

This resulted in our client to transition from the weakest balance sheet in the construction sector to the strongest balance sheet in just under 2 years.

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