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Why connectivity is key to your IoT monitoring

The NEJAVI team understands the importance of connectivity to IoT, devices need to be connected to a network for real time monitoring, using various communication protocols and networks for connectivity and computing. IoT data is processed at the edge of the network, today this works well via Local LAN or WAN networks, BLE, WiFi, LoRa, NFC and Cellular etc. Examples are smart buildings and homes, where we can look at predictive monitoring from HVAC, lighting, workplace, facilities and smart factories. However, how does connectivity play when we look globally at devices that could be anywhere and everywhere like smart supply chains, smart farming, transportation to name a few. How do you to keep track and monitor them in real-time keeping your business connected and moving forward?

IoT monitoring of equipment enables real time alerting and predicative maintenance. The NEJAVI ecosystem brings together a framework for helping businesses within any vertical whose devices may be anywhere in the world, connected via local network, WIFI, Cellular and outside these boundaries.

From the maritime market to machine-to-machine (M2M) applications in transportation, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities and construction, among many others.  The NEJAVI Ecosystem allows IOT devices to send data 24x7x365.

Cellular communications are key to delivering this data, but cellular coverage is not truly global. How do we look at multiple countries and multiple providers to make the right choice, ensuring our devices are always visible and connected?

Using state of the art eSIM technology alongside satellite technology, allows businesses to connect to their fleet of IOT devices. This takes away the headache of roaming charges and allows connection of any device to any global carrier automatically. eSIM technology enables you and your customers to automate connectivity based on variables such as price, coverage maps, and network quality. This also enables unparalleled ability for devices owners to control what networks they get connected on.

Within the NEJAVI ecosystem our platform enables IoT devices to connect on over 2,000+ home-equivalent networks in 195 countries, ending roaming once and for all. 

So now we have connectivity from the network and beyond through cellular, but what happens to those devices that move frequently outside the boundaries of cellular networks?

IoT devices allow your business to understand your network, plan how and when these are maintained, reducing downtime from breakdowns, while real-time tracking provides improved supply chain coordination to keep work moving. You need to be able to stay in contact with field personnel and track the location of your physical equipment and assets no matter where they go. 

When outside the boundaries of Cellular, NEJAVI can help you with Satellite Communications. Using this state-of-the-art technology to connect people every day through reliable satellite communications, over an exceptionally clear and secure satellite network. Satellites provide reliability and operability worldwide, connecting users in areas where traditional networks are unreliable or unavailable. Accessing a satellite product portfolio equips the field with voice and data services, Commercial IoT and SPOT (theft-alert) Business tracking and messaging products that serve a multitude of companies, workers and outdoor enthusiasts in remote business and pleasure applications. By understanding your connectivity, you are able to have real-time data, understanding of all your devices/things in the field at all times. Allowing you to keep track and monitor your fleet and equipment to prevent loss or manage theft alert and recovery keeping your business connected and moving forward.

eSIm cellular technology and Commercial IoT Satellite Solutions provide the connectivity for automated monitoring and management at a glance with near real-time updates giving you visibility into an entire operation. Maintaining and sustaining operational efficiencies while strengthening and automating internal processes for continued business growth.

Embeddable eSIm and satellite transmitters allow developers to rapidly design, develop and manufacture their own OEM products. Integrating into products used for motor vehicles, operational equipment or assets, animal or wildlife tracking, industrial or agriculture remote data monitoring and reporting. Truly global coverage allows you to transmit data with a solution that is scalable and requires no additional infrastructure.

To learn more about NEJAVI’s Eco-System for eSIm and or Satellite monitoring and tracking get in touch

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