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Industrial AI is about infusing intelligence into industrial systems and processes to make them proactive, predictive and autonomous.

Office Building

Math, Science, and Physics


Subject matter experts create the specific relationships, equations, and physics to optimize your vertical use case.


We gather and refine all available data from your industry to "crowdsource" the AI models that will optimize and create operational and energy efficiencies.

Computer Programming

AI Models and Analytics

NEJAVI Data and IP are then turned into AI models to optimize your specific use case. In verticals in which we are already experts, your time to see a working AI implementation will be extremely short.

An early proof of value will be run to establish trust and show the model is optimizing and then straight into production.

Data Cloud

Cloud (Remote)

Seamless Cloud Environment provided:

Data Storage

Machine Learning


Enables Customer

Control & Visualizations:

Predictive Maintenance

Incident data & alarms


Energy Usage Data


Our AI-driven technology stack forms a seamless link between software, hardware, and the unique physical attributes tied to commercial refrigeration, oil and gas use cases, and refinery systems. With AI, we're redefining industrial optimization, enabling independent and intelligent operations that lead to significant energy savings and enhanced sustainability.


Our unified, AI-led platform harmonizes teams, systems, and applications, offering depth of control, critical insights, and a path towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Our strategy intertwines analytics within workflows, transforming both the commercial refrigeration and the oil & gas sectors into optimally performing, data-driven entities with a strong commitment to energy-saving and sustainability.

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