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Ability to collect data from existing infrastructure provides a highly secure environment capturing and transferring data to the Cloud.


Our technology stack consists of interrelated software and hardware partners connecting platforms, mechanical devices, digital machines, objects and people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over networks without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.


Utilizing the latest technologies ranging from multi-site facility management enterprise platforms that helps manage facilities in real-time to the state of the art data compression algorithms to drive embedded analytics into other applications and workflows. By providing integrated applications, we unite different organisational teams, systems, varied processes and applications under one robust platform giving the highest degree of flexibility, control and critical insights.

Our unique approach to combining business process with latest technologies our model goes beyond the dashboard and integrate analytics within workflows through actions to build a fully data-driven organisation

Office Building

Existing (on site)

Network Controllers:

Taking data from Sensors and enabling pre-defined changes to set points as required


Enabling monitoring of set points and adjustment of set points as determined by Operational Teams (some automation)

Computer Programming

To be provided (on site)


API Manager (in gateway)

Ensures appropriate protocol connectivity from System to Edge Gateway

Middleware & Connection


Manager (in gateway):

Provides communication exchange to cloud services


Data Collection device from all available meters

Data Cloud

Cloud (Remote)

Seamless Cloud Environment provided:

Data Storage

Machine Learning

Enables Customer Management, Control & Visualizations:

Predictive Maintenance

Incident data & alarms



Energy Usage Data

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