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What makes NEJAVI different?

We asked the NEJAVI leadership team to tell us what differentiates NEJAVI and what really makes the NEJAVI offering stand out...

James Dorsey

"It starts with the team. The NEJAVI personnel has very diverse but synergistic background. We bring the decades of technology experience to our customers and partners to help solve their challenges.

This experience helps us position technology partners together to resolve our customers IOT needs in a accelerated manner. We are also uniquely positioned in the market to understand what types of IoT solutions exist in the market, how we assess these solutions, and what distinguishes our partners for the noise in the marketplace.

This helps in the positioning of our technology partners with distribution channels, IoT VAR’s and end user customers, based on their current needs, but also allow for them to mature into the platform by anticipating future needs of the distribution and channel network, or end user customers."

Neil O'Sullivan

"The main differentiator for NEJAVI is our attention to detail from prospecting to closure. We take time to become an extension of our partners business not only from a sale’s advisory perspective but also to fully understand their product offering.

Our biggest strength is how we select our prospective partners and identify how they and their business fit into our technology eco system.

This ensures alignment with our existing partners technologies therefore increasing the speed to market that increases growth and quarterly revenues for their individual businesses."

Vince Broyles

In the IoT space NEJAVI is different because we only house solutions that are ready to deploy. While we consult for companies working to get to that stage and help them develop their product and go to market strategies, we never oversell a partner to a customer. We are advocates on behalf of our customers.

They know that if NEJAVI says the solution is ready to deploy, that it’s best in class and can start working for them immediately. IoT is full of PowerPoints and roadmaps that cost a lot of money and are frustrating to a customer whose main business is not IoT.

That customer wants to be creating widgets or writing software, not working through an IoT solution for energy.

Find out for yourself and get in touch with the team today!

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