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NEJAVI Video Compression

Now that high-definition content has become a standard, imagine how demanding video resolution requirements are in the field, full HD, Ultra high Resolution, 4K and beyond.

In today’s world, video compression is an essential part of recording and saving security footage, driven by the advancement in cameras, security and safety systems.

Compression is key to getting all the data you need for the right period of time, turning the raw files into a smaller format, maximizing hard drive space so more videos can be stored for longer periods of time.

We can work closely with you and your team to understand your requirements and challenges. Our technical team can help design and deploy the solution through our global network.

Key benefits of using Video Compression:

  • Reduce video bandwidth by around 90%.

  • Cost-effective in the long run.

  • Compresses any video resolution and format.

  • Reliable video over unstable networks.

  • Lightweight, portable, compatible.

  • Interfaces to all VMS.

  • Centralized model, easy to deploy.

  • Adaptive technology for low bandwidth.

The NEJAVI team can help you with the right compression solution that is a powerful stream optimizer, designed to adapt to any network environment, including 3G and 4G/5G networks along with compression of H264 and H265 codecs as well. We can help you address the obstacles of high bandwidth costs and low-quality video feeds. Monitoring real-time video that's simple and fast to deploy in the field, utilising plug and play functionality.

The above example illustrates compression up to 90%, extending 7 days of recording to 70 days with only 1TB of storage capacity needed, compared to 10TB without compression. The bandwidth required also tremendously reduced from 2000kbps to 200kbps due to the unique compression technique.

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