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NEJAVI set to accelerate IoT digital transformation

NEJAVI, a sales advisory and delivery company has officially launched today, with the aim of assisting clients in navigating the world of IoT and maximizing their return on investment. Driven by an exclusive global eco system of partners and suppliers, the NEJAVI team brings together the right solutions to solve customers’ problems and accelerate growth.

The team has vast experience across multiple verticals, partnering with customers on their digital transformation journey and using insight to translate IoT ambitions into an actionable plan. Working with customers to identify their unique needs and challenges, the team then acts as a solutions orchestrator to create the right ecosystem of support.

A key difference the NEJAVI team can offer is the agility to quickly bring solutions to market and to push for the change needed for customers to succeed. At every step of the revenue lifecycle, from driving new revenue streams to strengthening existing revenue generating processes, the team will increase efficiencies and lower costs.

Co-Founder and CEO James Dorsey comments “we’re excited about the difference NEJAVI can offer our customers, accelerating customer change at a pace not seen before. NEJAVI is a team of like-minded people, all with the drive and experience to deliver on whatever goal our customer needs to meet”.

With a global presence, and offices in Chicago, Melbourne and London, The NEJAVI team is set to make a positive impact on businesses, and eager to use the power of IoT to help them grow.

Notes to Editor: NEJAVI is a sales advisory and delivery service focusing on digital transformation and business process, powered by an extensive global eco system of suppliers and partners. Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, IoT offers a huge opportunity for companies. We help clients effectively capitalize on IoT technology and solutions, linking technology, vendors and customers through a holistic business model.

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Nov 10, 2021

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