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NEJAVI acquires Giant Tech to strengthen APAC presence

NEJAVI, a key new player in the field of IOT have acquired Giant Tech, an Australian based company specializing in the prop tech sector across the APAC region. The move will further strengthen NEJAVI’s management team with Matthew Smith joining to lead the APAC expansion and providing agility in this region.

Co-Founder and CEO James Dorsey remarks “we’re thrilled to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Giant Tech team and to have Matthew Smith on board as our new Managing Director of the APAC region. Matthew brings a vast amount of experience of the tech sector, specifically around Integrated prop tech solutions. I’m confident this move will be of strategic importance for NEJAVI”

NEJAVI is focused on enabling clients to bring solutions to market, increasing efficiencies throughout the revenue lifecycle and capitalising on the opportunities IoT can provide. This latest move is a positive step forward for our existing and new clients.

APAC Managing Director Matthew Smith commented “the Giant Tech business perfectly merges with the ethos of NEVAJI, I pride myself on mine and my team’s ability to build partnerships and business capabilities to deliver for our clients. Our background means we have the ability to truly understand the needs of clients and translate these into business outcomes, helping the client to achieve their goals. With us joining the NEJAVI team this is an exciting next chapter for our business to grow across the APAC region with true global support”.
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