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Meet the NEJAVI team - James Dorsey

What influences have shaped your career?

The biggest influencers on my career have been my parents. My father a high-school educated, Vietnam Vet, demonstrated how hard you have to work to be successful. He never took a “sick” day off work in over 33 years at UPS. He also had a natural understanding of investing and saving which I still am learning from him today. My Mom was college educated, and became a subject matter expert in Supplier Diversity and the importance of fortune 500 companies participating in Supplier Diversity. My Mom has always supported my interest in entrepreneurship in the past, and is excited about the launch of NEJAVI.

What motivated you to start NEJAVI?
My partners and I saw a void in the IOT market. The IOT market continues to trend positive over the next 10 years and beyond, however it’s still very immature and fragmented, specifically around how end-users consume these IOT solutions. Also, if you ask 20 people what IOT means to them, you might get 20 different answers. NEJAVI, was created to help end users with their Digital Transformation Strategy, as well as support IOT technology ecosystem with Business Development, integration strategies, and overall business models.

What are the biggest challenges facing clients that want to take advantage of IoT?

In most cases, it's "where do I start?". Also, to create a sustainable Digital Transformation strategy a company will need participation from several different internal stake holders, which can often create challenges internally with the stated goals and objectives. NEJAVI can work to identify these challenges upfront to keep companies focused on achieving their desired outcomes of implementing a solution.

What motivates you?
I hate to lose. I’ve always been competitive because of my background in Football, and that’s carried over into the corporate arena. I want to be successful at anything I do, and I want my team to be even more successful!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Over performing for our customers and driving value to our technology partners in the market.


What do you expect to accomplish in the first 90 days?

NEJAVI, is working to solidify several partnerships with a list of technology partners that we plan to announce over the next quarter. The ecosystem is continuously growing and we are excited about how we plan to drive success of these partners in the near future!

Five words to describe NEJAVI?
Innovative, Agile, Focused, Acceleration and Performance!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m very invested in my kids sports careers. My oldest Daughter won a championship in Rowing at UCF. My middle son is a swimmer, water polo player, and also enjoys creating movies/short films. My youngest, plays football year around, so my wife and I are very busy with cheering them on in life!


What is the NEJAVI Ecosystem?

The NEJAVI ecosystem is a group of targeted cutting-edge technology companies, global distribution partners, and strategic channels/system integrators that are positioned in the marketplace to accelerate the business development efforts of these technology companies.

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