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How the NEJAVI Eco-System could drive digital Transformation for Santa

We've talked about how the NEJAVI Eco-System can accelerate digital transformation for businesses, but we're feeling festive and have looked at how this could help Santa become more efficient....


The NEJAVI Eco-System helps with digital transformation of the manufacturing process, with smart manufacturing technology. For Santa and his elves this could help speed up the production and wrapping of toys, minimising waste and using sensors to feedback vital insights back to the elves. Santa could also benefit from smart lighting, ensuring the lighting is on only when needed.

The use of smart technology for industrial automation (industry 4.0) enables large-scale manufacturing improvements towards flexible production, informed decision-making and operational excellence. Santa could automate many stages of the present production line, saving precious time. In the real world this means that the optimal smart manufacturing network will not only keep factories up and running, but make your discrete manufacturing business more competitive and profitable.

A future-proof network in which IT and OT are fully connected and secured to the highest standards allows you to manufacture faster and cheaper than your competitors. Although Santa doesn't have any competitors, his customer base grows every year. This technology forms the backbone of industrial improvements like edge computing, safety & security, predictive maintenance, remote commissioning, cooperative automation, robots, and advanced analytics.

If you'd like to find out more about digital transformation, speak to the NEJAVI team today. If you're reading this Santa, we'd love to hear from you!

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